My future:

Next year I have to pass my A-levels. I have to write about a special subject. My subject will be the Anti-Vietnam war movement. First I just wanted to write about the Vietnam war but to be honest: it's a very sad toppic. So I thought: What about the people who don't wanted a war. The people who demonstrated against it in a peaceful way. I think thats a good topic for me :)

After my A levels I will go on my Maturareise to Croatia and enjoy the summer with my friends and my family. In September I'll go on a trip to France with the choir and after that I will hopefully start my au-pair year in Scotland or somewhere near the sea where English is spoken. I'm  looking forward to improving my English but also getting to know new people and dealing with kids is a challenge for me. And because I'm young and active I loooooove challenges, I think you can learn from them and grow stronger and smarter.


After my year abroad I want to study in Graz or Vienna. What I like to study I don't know excactly but I want to do something in the social- medicine area. I would like to be a speech therapist, a midwife or maybe a dentist.. But I have time and all paths are open to me ! :) 

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