Switzerland 2010:

Last summer I had to do a 3- months internship. Because I wanted to improve my French I chose the French part of Switzerland as a destination.

There I lived in a very small village called Sainte Croix. There I worked in the service and at the reception in a hotel called Hotel de France.

At first I had huge problems with my French but it got better from time to time I had the heart to speak with the people. Another disadvantage was that I was the only teenage-staff in the hotel, so I couldn't make any friends at all. The result was that I got very very homesick and called my family and my friends every day.

So I started to visit every big city in Switzerland by train. I grew a lot more independent, confident and now it is easier for me to approache people ! I would recomend an inernship abroad and I'm looking forward to collecting new international experiences!


London & Exeter 2009:

My whole class and I went to England  for our work experience. First we spent three days in London, which were great but too short, anyway.

After that we went to Exeter by bus and got divided in our host families. My family was very nice and lived in a cosy little house, 20 minutes to the city centre.

I worked in a charity shop called "Age Concern" which was great because there I got to know a lot of nice people. I was a real chatterbox and so were they, you can imagine that it never was quiet.

On the weekends the whole class met and we made excursions . First we went to Torquay, which is a lovly city on the sea side. An the next weekend we went to Cornwall to see the Tintagel castle. I loved and enjoyed both trips very much!


Florence 2011:

In April I had a great time in Italy with my class. We passed 5 beautiful days in Florence. There we attent school in the morning and in the afternoon we did sightseeing. I lived at a hostfamily with my friend Christiane. We often took the wrong bus and had to drive extra rounds but that was great fun. We also had a host sister from  Canada, her name was Caren. She was quite crazy and Christiane and I laughed all the time. At the photo you can see both of us at the Leaning tower of Pisa. At this day we made a trip to the seaside and also to Pisa. I loved the Italian flair and the wonderful weather! :)

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.  ~St. Augustine

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