Anne! :)

I already mentioned my name and my age is 19. I live in a small town in a small country which a lot of people mistake  for Australia. Funny ;)

My hobbies are very important to me. The biggest one is the music. I love listen to music, it doesn't matter which type of music but i prefere alternative music, rock and brass bands. My problem is that I havn't got a favourite band, I like a lot. For example: the Beatles, die Ärzte, Coldplay, Beatsteaks, Brass Band Oberösterreich and so on. But i also love to make music. I play the clarinet since I'm 8, i played the flute and the piano when i was little but last week I started to learn cello. So i also like all kinds of instruments.

I play the clarinett in a band called the Werkskapelle Bauer. Every Thursday we meet to practice.  There I'm also responsible for the youth, so I am the "Jugendreferentin" of the Werkskapelle.

Every monday I have got choir rehersal. The choir is called "Sing und Spielgruppe Köflach". There I sing the soprano since my first year in the HLW. At first my mother sang there and the mother of my best friend was the choir conductor. I chose the HLW and my best friend stayed in the Gymnasium, so that we see each other more often we started to sing in the choir.


Another very important point in my life are my friends and my family. I am very sociable  and I also like to speak to people. So I often meet my friends to chat, to go out or simply to be together. And I also spend a lot of time with my mum, because I can talk to her like I can talk with a friend. 

What I also love is reading books. Since I'm 15 I almost read English books to practice. My favourites are the Harry Potter books.

Another passion of mine is travelling! I've seen a few cities already.  Like London, Exeter, Prague, Berlin, Paris, Monastir, Budapest the whole Switzerland and a few more. But I like to visit every country in the world so I have big plans :) My first step is to go abroad as an au pair. My dream destination would be Edinburgh or any other place in Scottland because I fancy the Scottish accent !




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